Saturday, December 11, 2010

HOW TO : Install ClockworkMod Recovery Using ROMManager

ROMManager and ClockworkMod Recovery is created by Koush which also CyanogenMod team.Thanks goes to him and CyanogenMod Teams.

This recovery enable us to backup our ROM and restore it if something went wrong with your ROM.

For example if you're trying somebody custom rom and suddenly it won't boot or you get could boot into recovery and perform restore within the recovery..given that you've already backup before.
example booting into recovery for MI700:

Press and hold both volume key then press power button

(VOL -) + (VOL +) then press (POWER)

In this guide I will show how to install a non-official ClockworkMod recovery which I have created, within ROMManager.

This guide are meant for CSL Spice MI700 and its variants, such as Commtiva Link N700, Camangi FM600, OlivePad VT-100, Cherry Mobile Superion, Viewpad 7, etc..but may be used as references for any others device.

Rooted devices only, use SuperOneClick v1.5 or Visionanary.apk from Paul..or etc

1.Open Market application and search for ROMManager and install it.

2.Once installed, run the app and tap on "Flash ClockworkMod Recovery"

3.There will be a list of devices shown in the pop-up, in our case choose "Spice MI700, Commtiva Link N700 and more"

4.There will be an error after you choose Spice MI700, as the official recovery is not available, just scroll down and choose "Flash Alternate Recovery"

5.A pop-up will appear "Flash Alternate Recovery" select "OK", Superuser may request for your permission, choose "Allow" then you will see download progress on top..wait until its finished downloading..and flashed the "OK".
6.Now that you flashed the recovery, you need to choose "Manual Flash Overwrite" in the pop-up when you press Menu button and select "OK" on "! Recovery".

7.Then choose "Backup Current ROM" from the could rename or use the default date will reboot your device into recovery mode and perform backup and will reboot back once it has finished performing backup and save it in your sdcard directory.

8.In Recovery Mode..Press and hold the volume button will move it a single line and if the line it goes is what you want to select just press the power button to enter, if you release the volume button it will go to another line, this is because both volume up and down registering double input upon pressing it.

Friday, December 10, 2010

MI700 hucqim80mod Rom V.1

MI700 hucqim80mod Rom V.1 only for Build Number 5012_3_16I
I've make a custom rom based on 5012_3_16I which mean if you want to install this rom you have to update your rom from 5012_3_140 to 5012_3_16I at CSL Service Center for free..

WARNING! Use of this custom rom is on your own risk, I will not be held responsible if you broke your devices or data lost..So make sure you backup your current rom so that you could revert back if anything goes wrong..I may help if you have any problem arise..

2)Clockwork Recovery
3)ROMManager installed

What in this custom rom?
1)Deodexed Apps and Framework
2)Change the default can change it yourself of course..
3)Useful apps such as market enabler, launcherpro, Rommanager, rootexplorer, titanium backup, Visionary+,and more
4)remove all CSL apps..

How to install?
1)backup your rom with rommanager
2)copy the custom rom to your sdcard root
3)install within rommanager "Install ROM from SD Card"
4)your phone will reboot and install the rom..once finish it will reboot itself..

This Custom Rom is for Build Number those using Build Number 5012_3_140 don't flash..or your phone will have no network..

Download: from Dropbox - 101.7 MB from Uploading

In case for Build Number 5012_3_140 user who have flashed before and doesn't have nandroid backup..

ClockworkMod Recovery For MI700 / Commtiva Link N700 / Viewpad 7 / Cherry Mobile Superion / Olivepad VT-100

Flashing ClockworkMod Recovery

Make sure your devices is rooted.. if not get SuperOneClickv1.5.5 and follow this guide

Clockwork recovery
copy it to the root of your sdcard..( /sdcard/cwrecovery.img )

unzip it and copy it to the root of your sdcard..( /sdcard/flash_image )

Run Terminal Emulator (make sure you hold it in portrait position)
press "enter"
then type the following to copy the flash_image to system/bin
cp /sdcard/flash_image /system/bin
press "enter"

Install flash_image
Run Terminal Emulator
press "enter"
then type:
chmod 755 /system/bin/flash_image
press "enter"

Backup your stock recovery:

First check your recovery partition..
cat /proc/mtd
From there you'll see the recovery partition..
To backup the recovery..
cat /dev/mtd/mtd3 > /sdcard/orirecovery.img

Flashing the Clockwork recovery
Run Terminal Emulator
press "enter"
then type:
flash_image recovery /sdcard/cwrecovery.img
press "enter"
In case you want to restore your recovery..
flash_image recovery /sdcard/orirecovery.img

Backing up your rom image
Turn off your devices..when its finally switch off..hold down both vol+ and vol- and at the same time press the power will be booting in Clockwork recovery mode..

Choose Backup/Restore from the option..this will take some time..once finish making backup..choose Reboot..check your backup in /sdcard/clockworkmod/backup/<date-and-time>/

Busybox 1.17.2 included with script to install..unzip it and copy the busybox and the install script to root of sdcard..
Install Using ADB:Working on windows only with adb inside the cdrom..
Run adb shell
cd /sdcard
sh ./

Install using Terminal Emulator:
the run the command inside the script, manually, line by line..

Changes: Fix Power Button to always enabled
: Home button toggle display
:Back button go back
Bug : Double key input still there (Volume - & +)remedy.. hold it to highlight a line,release it to highlight next line..