Friday, December 10, 2010

MI700 hucqim80mod Rom V.1

MI700 hucqim80mod Rom V.1 only for Build Number 5012_3_16I
I've make a custom rom based on 5012_3_16I which mean if you want to install this rom you have to update your rom from 5012_3_140 to 5012_3_16I at CSL Service Center for free..

WARNING! Use of this custom rom is on your own risk, I will not be held responsible if you broke your devices or data lost..So make sure you backup your current rom so that you could revert back if anything goes wrong..I may help if you have any problem arise..

2)Clockwork Recovery
3)ROMManager installed

What in this custom rom?
1)Deodexed Apps and Framework
2)Change the default can change it yourself of course..
3)Useful apps such as market enabler, launcherpro, Rommanager, rootexplorer, titanium backup, Visionary+,and more
4)remove all CSL apps..

How to install?
1)backup your rom with rommanager
2)copy the custom rom to your sdcard root
3)install within rommanager "Install ROM from SD Card"
4)your phone will reboot and install the rom..once finish it will reboot itself..

This Custom Rom is for Build Number those using Build Number 5012_3_140 don't flash..or your phone will have no network..

Download: from Dropbox - 101.7 MB from Uploading

In case for Build Number 5012_3_140 user who have flashed before and doesn't have nandroid backup..


  1. how about 5019-3-16I can i also used this custom rom you made for my cherry mobile superion froyo 2.2

  2. I've used this custom rom on my Viewsonic ViewPad 7 (it's the same device as your cherry mobile superion & MI700). Good flight!

  3. hi, after i update, there is no network gsm/3g

  4. my mi700 build number 5012_3_16A, could i use 5012_3_16I this?

  5. bro, just like to find out if MI700 CSl can be install with Flash Player 10.1.
    How to install if can.


  6. Flash Player 10.1 could not be install in this devices as its does not met minimum processor requirement which is above 1ghz.